Thought of the Day

Coming Up for Air

I think I have lost the pacing of my breath.

Air thinly wheezes through me as I race about, focused on everyone and everything, gasping from lack of open fields and rolling seas. 

Not to mention that, these days, I can hardly get past my body. The older I get, the louder it creaks.

It has become practically impossible to ignore it—something I had turned into an art form.  For years, if not decades, I would deliberately and systematically work at dismissing physical red flags.  As far back as I can remember, I would not sleep enough, not rest enough, not sit enough, so that some project would get completed, some task finished, some duty fulfilled.

Now my body just shouts.

It shouts when I step out of my 4-inch-high heels and begs to be dragged to a hot bath. 

It shouts when I carry on in the late hours of the night and begs to be put into bed. 

It shouts when I run around chasing projects, dreams, and ideas, and begs to just sit down, shut down.

Anybody out there relating to this?  Bottom line: I think it’s time I sat down, took a deep breath, and did nothing!  Strictly…  absolutely …   blissfully … NOTHING. 

Breathing in… blowing out…

… my back has gone straight …  my shoulders open up…

Breathing in… blowing out…

…inside feels like a neurotic hibiscus, skirt wrung tight! 

Breathing in… blowing out…

…oh… how I want to dance … sway wide … swing free. 

Breathing in… blowing out…

… I want to feel emotions …  not drown under them.

Breathing in… blowing out…

… I need my head, my heart, and my body to find each other and step into the dance, all at once, all in one.