, Inc.’s mission, Inc.’s mission is to provide people with top-quality health care services that are accessible, confidential, and affordable. To accomplish this goal, we integrate virtual medicine services with advances in technology. Through new modalities,, Inc. will deliver virtual medicine, behavioral health, preventive medicine, and wellness. This vision of a more efficient health care system with full doctor/patient collaboration is here and NOW in our portal. It’s a brand new day in virtual medicine!

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Helping Millions of People Across the Nation

Dr. Melinda G. Ogg, Clinical Psychologist, invites you to learn how to connect with yourself and others to develop more meaningful and satisfying relationships. She will explain to you the many mental health options available, including your own personalized therapy, support groups, a comprehensive military section, education videos, blogs, and forums.

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Learn how to Live a Life of Abundance

Welcome to Wellness! Here you will find information on how to live a more healthy life, including nutrition, fitness, weight management, lifestyle, relaxation, complementary medicine, and much more. A more balanced life is yours for the taking!

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Virtual Medicine

Virtual medicine has been in practice around the globe in one form or another for well over two decades. We are not consistent in what we call it; nonetheless, we have been participating in it. Perhaps a doctor returns a phone call to answer a question, or a casual quick email answers a question. We have seen or been part of virtual medicine trending before our eyes for years. And while we marvel at technology, some of us still balk at the concept of having a virtual medical appointment. But why?

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Interact and Connect's Interactive portal
is where you can discover entertainment,
virtual worlds, expressive therapies,
and so much more!

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